10 Steps To Marketing Backwards

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10 Steps To Marketing Backwards

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During the December holidays, I saw a friend contemplate for over a month about which new running shoes to buy. R1000-R2000 was a big investment for him.

He had to weigh it up carefully. He surfed through online user reviews for weeks, asked plenty of friends and family for their feedback. But the internal conversation went on for much longer and deeper.

Brands often believe the customer only considers the advertising message we tell them and forget that they think about what choosing our brand says about them.

When you are designing products and services the end goal is to make sales. During that process, it’s easy to overlook what influences their decision.  We’ve listed 10 questions to get you back on track.

10 Questions People Ask Themselves Before Making A Purchase

  1. Why should I choose this product over others?
  2. What features will I use or won’t I use?
  3. Why is it valued more to me?
  4. What do I like or dislike about it?
  5. How often will I use it?
  6. How does it make me feel?
  7. How does it look?
  8. What will people think?
  9. What does it say about me?
  10. Will I regret this decision tomorrow/next week/next year?

When you get better at anticipating how your customers think and feel. You get better at making and marketing.

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