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December 2014

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Music Concert behaviour – a go to guide if you want to remain reasonably normal at these things!

Music concerts are a major passion of mine since I can remember. Live music, the atmosphere, hearing a band you’ve been following since before they were even played on radio in ‘real life’ and getting to be part of it, actually seeing what the band looks like, the whole feel & smell of it = I LOVE IT. But I must say without fail I am always shocked by the behaviour of some music ‘lovers’.

My taste in music is pretty varied (blush) from Tina Turner, The Killers, Girls Aloud, Bryan Adams, R.E.M, U2 through to the latest Foo Fighters and Passenger and many small gigs and large festivals in between from Party in the Park to Glastonbury. Not a bad achievement!

So let’s look at my ‘5 step guide’ for music concert behaviour:

1. Drinking Before the Concert

Generally speaking you pay a lot of money to see a band live – don’t get drunk before the band has even started. Seriously, why get wasted before the band are even on? This is so true in my experience for some big bands I’ve been to see where tickets were around £80.00 (for cheap seats) and 2 hours before the event people are passing out. What’s that about?
2. The whole Toilet issue

Yes, the toilets at these events can be somewhat disgusting but standing in the crowd, urinating into a bottle and THEN throwing it – NEVER EVER okay? Got it? EVER.
3. Pushing In late – yes, YOU!

When you spend hours to get a good spot, don’t be the rude pushing in types.  You know, the idiot(s) that push in front and then say “oops”, step on toes and continue to just blatantly stand in front of said people who may I remind you, have been there for hours. It’s just not right or fair and would you do that at the queue in your local grocery store? Not likely!
4. Stay – until the end

Don’t leave early to avoid traffic – yep you heard me. What a rookie mistake, why would you? You are seeing the band live, this one time, who knows when you will get the opportunity so just stay, enjoy it, milk it to the end. Traffic is part of life – sleep late over the weekend and catch up the sleep, but while you are there, be fully present and enjoy it to the end (some of the best acoustics, songs and memories of the night at this stage, you wouldn’t leave the cinema before the film was done would you?).
5. Love it and choose friends who do too

Only go with people who genuinely know and enjoy the music of the band you’ve gone to see, nothing worse than bopping along / jumping up and down / head banging or whatever action is called for at the gig to have someone say “can we go?”. See point 4. Pick wisely.

My feeling is, if you can’t stick to the above, just buy the CD and listen to it at home, it’s the only decent thing to do.

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What does ‘Digital Marketing’ actually mean? Are you just trying to sound posh?

For many years I’ve worked within the Marketing side of our business doing ‘the usual’ – Exhibitions, Brochures, Logo design, Branding you name it I’ve been involved. As my role progressed and our business did, the online side of things became a priority. Let’s not talk years specifically (nobody wants to show their age now do they?) but as a company online marketing / presence started dominating my job and customers were asking if we were on FaceBook, Twitter etc… was your website interactive? Do you show on Google blah blah.

Anyway, long and rather boring story later I found I spent the large majority of my Marketing day finding interesting things to say online, cool articles, pictures, videos all related to our industry and posting them online. The latter part of this year I felt like maybe I should seek some professional help to do my job better and see if I was spending a disproportionate time on this side of things and so I went on a great course entitled ‘Digital Marketing’ through The BrandSchool basically – the course covered all the things I’d found I loved the most about my job and in al honesty was taking the most time during my day. Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay per Click (PPC – e.g. Google advertising) etc. and it turns out this side of marketing has a real job title ‘Digital Marketing’ – wow!

So after many years in marketing I can now say I’m a Digital Marketing Consultant (yes, I still think that sounds posh) and what it means is my job day to day is making sure the company I work for / contract to is represented online, professionally and in line with the rest of your business and actually a Digital Marketing Consultant has access to a rather lot of tools so market research for your company is old school (yes I actually just said that) and instead market reality is what we do (what are customers typing in for your company, how do customers search for you, what words, where are they, how old are they, what do they do, what do they want – all that stuff is available and anyone worth their salt knows how to find it and help you and your business succeed). I make sure there is a good ROI for the company and that their business interacts with their customers on a level that suits them. So it’s a pretty cool job if I do say so myself!

So when friends ask ‘What is Digital Marketing’ and I start explaining before their eyes glaze over and the usual ‘posh then?’ I would like to say it’s a fast paced, exciting part of any business, changes and challenges daily and I love it.

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