AI in marketing: From information to intelligence to imagination

AI in marketing: From information to intelligence to imagination

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The good news is there’s no need to panic. … The work marketers do today is becoming more significant, not less. Progression is insurance against elimination.

With digital marketing moving toward AI-powered experiences, there’s a lot of uncertainty about the future, so what’s next for marketing professionals?

In short: Fear not.

We believe the movement toward AI will only create more demand for the work marketers do to build relevant, invaluable brands.3 decades ago marketers were information workers, then machines beat us at processing. For the past decade, we’ve readjusted to become intelligence workers. Now we need to adapt again. And in this new era of assistance, we believe we’re called to be imagination workers.

At the core of achieving as an imagination worker today is cultivating a deep devotion to helping people guide their daily lives and tasks.

Our advice is aim at setting a new par of imagination and creativity to how you serve. Stay focused on the end user. Take a leap of faith. Challenge the status quo. And you’ll not only evolve with the new world—you’ll thrive in it.

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