How To Deliver Persuasive Presentations

How To Deliver the persuasive presentations

How To Deliver Persuasive Presentations

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I recently delivered a talk entitled “ 4 Habits To Build Your Business.” A number of attendees’ approached me thereafter to ask if I could provide any guidance on how to deliver persuasive presentations, and I am happy to now share some of my best pointers on the topic.

Here are some insights that I shared with a group of business owners during the meeting:

If you’re uncertain of how to structure your message, try this simple but effective format:

  1. Inform the audience of the status quo;
  2. Explain what has changed, and what the reasons for the change were.
  3. Explain how things might look in the future, whilst expanding on the most likely scenarios.
  4. Finally, inform them what they can do about it.

You can refine this framework with your own insights, or with what’s relevant to your own industry or scenario. I suggest you add your own stories and examples to make it come alive.

This simple structure is the core of all thought-leadership presentations and will serve you well. What makes this routine effective is that it encourages the presenter to speak with an Audience-Interest adaptation. You become the mentor; the audience becomes the mentee.

It’s simple and easy to remember, and you can apply it in a broad range of persuasion scenarios.