Super Team: Candice Link & Charles Hsuan

Super Team: Candice Link & Charles Hsuan

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Candice Link

Digital marketing nerd, coffee addict and founder of Digital Candy Consulting. Candice is motivated to help businesses succeed by combining traditional marketing with digital platforms.

With a broad background in diverse industries and job roles in the UK to SA, Candice understands business and will partner with you to ensure your company succeeds in its goals.

Her love of digital marketing and travel, enabled her to travel throughout Africa lecturing on all things digital. Get in touch, let’s do it.

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Charles Hsuan

Guest contributor, previous digital media manager at Entrepreneur Magazine.He is a storyteller, digital strategist, Keynote speaker (Ilead, Nedbank Franchise Seminar 2018, Hirsch’s ) an unshakable optimist. He works with other entrepreneurs to help them grow and build businesses of value. He holds a Master’s degree in Marketing and a diploma from Digital Marketing Institute.

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Working with many entrepreneurs, one thing is sure all businesses need a strong focus on who you are, who is your target (Audience) and where you want to go, therefore you need a strong marketing strategy to get there!!