Don’t Take Shortcuts

Don’t Take Shortcuts

796 527 Charles Hsuan

An individual with a business, trying to make a living and maybe hit a sales target to hit, took the time to fill in the contact form on our website and proceeded to send us the following.


Are you in online marketing, do you own a business or businesses?

I was just browsing your website.

Do you want real traffic to your website or boost SEO for social media marketing?

-Visitors Come From Facebook and Twitter

-Real Traffic Will Come From the UK and USA 24/7

-This Is Lifetime Traffic

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Behind this mail are business objectives, ideas and dreams that have limited chance of being accomplished because the sender chose to take a shortcut.

You’ve probably heard Sheryl Sandberg’s sensible advice to entrepreneurs; ‘Done is better than perfect’. We think we need to justify those words: Done properly is better than perfect.

If you did not spend the time to lay the groundwork which enables you to tell the right story to the right person, then that’s a missed opportunity. Your work is worthy of the energy it takes to go the distance.

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