How Designers Do It: 4 Easy Steps To Create Your Masterpiece

How Designers Do It: 4 Easy Steps To Create Your Masterpiece

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So you want to look good online, need a website, need a logo. Like many, more and more SME’s and large organizations are realising that they need to hire a professional.

Doing your research will be the first step. Be clear with yourself before you spend a Rand or a minute with a designer. This probing fundamental conversation will save you endless frustration and agony later.

Here are four steps to consider to get the most out of the designer:

1- I’m certain with what I want

  • Bring your idea. This means bring your samples of typefaces, images, copy. The more specific the better.
  • The more you sketch it out (Bring it to life visually), the higher the chances you’ll get exactly what you were looking for.

2- I’m still working on it, but I know the beat to the tune.

  • Put together a folder. Find samples from other trades. Do you want your website to look like one from Nike or an infomercial “As seen on TV” diet pills site?
  • Be crystal clear what you want to remind people of, but don’t tell the designer what to do, in this case, originality isn’t the primary goal of design, effectiveness is.

3- I’m not a designer, but I understand the paradigm shift.

  • Do I want this design to increase trust, desire, importance, demand? Who’s it for? What’s it for?
  • Once you are really clear about what the design is for, go ahead and hire someone you trust and give them the absolute freedom to craft a way to cause that shift to happen.

4- I’ll know it when I see it (No you don’t….)

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