How To Build Your Brand With 140 Characters

How To Build Your Brand With 140 Characters

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Perception is the reality, and often the truth is an illusion.  We most certainly don’t know the whole truth about the products we buy, review and use. Marketing is storytelling, not all marketers are liars, they are bad storytellers.

“What is the one thing I want my clients to know?” This should be the question you pitch to a potential client.

In order to communicate your USP (Unique Selling Point) more effectively, compose a Tweet-friendly headline into your pitch. A good example is Entrepreneur Magazine’s “Advice on Entrepreneurship for Starting and Growing a Business.” An early investor in Google who said the Google guys—Sergey Brin and Larry Page—were able to explain their new service to investors in one sentence: Google allows you to access the world’s information in one click. Read the original story here

The majority of SMEs neglect their company’s story and how it comes across, practice these 4 step exercise below until you are confident it embodies your company and product.

1. What do you do?

2. What difficulty do you solve?

3. How is your offering or service different?

4. Why should your clients care?

Try answer each of the following 4 questions by using this Twitter exercise. If you can’t describe your product in a sentence, go back to the drawing board. It’s vital to not let your idea die because you’ve lost the attention of your audience. Capture your audience in the first 60 seconds and they’ll want to hear more.

Next time tell the story of your product and build it into your pitch. The creative may be part of it, the message may be part of it, essentially, your product and your service and your team are all part of the story. Tell it with meaning, as one thing that we do know and often talk about is our story.

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