Marketing To Misunderstood Millennials

Marketing To Misunderstood Millennials

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Simon Sinek, well know speaker of “Start with why” almost broke the Internet with the interview ‘The Millennial Question’.

He made valuable observations by stating the urgency to bridge the gap for millennials(anyone born after 1982). He states that a combination of parenting shortcomings and social media-fuelled instant gratification has created a generation that is unable to put in the hard work to achieve their dreams.

I believe like any generation they have dreams, huge ones, they’re constantly celebrated for their savviness and promised the world.  As a marketer, how do we gain the trust of this much-misunderstood generation?

  1.     Keep it Nonchalant

  • Commitment is not the key. They can rent it instead.
  • Don’t make their experiences feel rigid. Put their needs first, approach gently and win their consideration first. Produce content that educates, adds value and shareable moments.
  • Make them look crafty and you might just get a commitment in the future.
  1.     Keep it Personal

  • They are familiar with hyper-personalised marketing (Micro Moments) to the point that they filter out anything else.
  • Before making a decision, there is a very good chance that they consult digital information platform for a trusted opinion. Reviews, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.
  • Gather this data to craft personalised content that answers their questions and they’ll thank you for it.
  1.     Are You a Good Business or an Amazing One?

  • Let them know you are making a difference. If you unify in their belief they can help right the wrongs done by the previous generation, they’re more likely to buy into a company if it’s doing some good.
  • Embrace this need and find a digital collaborator, they can build and share your story. Learn to adapt.
  1.     Be Authentic

  • Be sincere, communicate to your audience level, whatever that might look like. When you get it right, their brand advocates will turn their friends into brand advocates too.
  • Engage with them in an authentic way to build true Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

We shop with our eyes, make it beautiful, or please don’t bother. Push the boundaries and make your content smarter, quirkier than you think is ‘safe’ and chances are they’ll admire it.

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