Rejection: The Two Paths In Business

Rejection: The Two Paths In Business

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As an entrepreneur every day, we aim for the improbable. We send out our story, pitch our ideas, ask for a referral.

There are two paths:

First: Understand that the odds are against you, and go for quantities.

  • You “spray and pray”, being generic, putting in minimal effort in the interactions, this gives you the resources to have as many interactions as you can (Volume).
  • This is “send to all” to spam your contacts, or sending out 300 press releases, or blasting your newsletter list again and again for sales. This is your answer to an unjust world, in which you deal with the chaos by creating more chaos.

Second: Devote more time to each communication than any competitor would.

  • Do your research. Invest more time in crafting your offer than you expect the person will spend in reading it. Don’t personalize, be personal.
  • Harness an imbalance of effort and care. Just show up and don’t spam, in any way.

The beauty is, people notice it. And they’re automatically more likely to give you a meeting, make a callback, answer your emails and do things you’re hoping for if you’ve acted like a caring, sincere, generous person.