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How Good Is Your Timing?
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How Good Is Your Timing?

Traditional advertising might have become less effective, it can still teach us about the importance of timing.

The most powerful marketing messages remind the right audience of something they already want to do at the right time.

We see the adverts in the lifestyle magazines reminding women that it’s spring/summer season in September. In December we’ll see more ads for affordable flights to get us to our holiday gatherings. By January the billboard outside the gym will be advertising diet supplements and diet drinks. This happens every year like clockwork.

People purchase products that help them to do the things they already want to do and become the kind of people they want to be. Advertisers often work against this truth. They try to push people to do something they don’t want to do or be someone they’re not ready to be.

So what’s on your customer’s mind today?

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Best Fit
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Who Or What Is The Best Fit For You, And Why?

We all know the feeling of finding a great shirt that fits your body type, we feel comfy, we feel confident and most importantly, we wear it over and over again.

In business, this is known as repeat customers and it’s the best case scenario.

On the flip side, we take on clients or projects that are a bad uncomfortable fit.  We do work that doesn’t motivate us or customers that don’t value us. It’s difficult to pay attention to the reasons why things aren’t working out when you’re waist-deep in the situation. But it’s important to try.

We improve on how we work best by paying attention to the cases that didn’t turn out as we hoped. Every unconscious compromise is a consequence of a failure to consciously set boundaries. It’s up to us to discern, then create the environment that allows us to do our best work.

So do it today by giving yourself permission to set a high bar. Save your best work and energy for the clients and projects where you can make the most impact. Who or what is the best fit for you, and why?

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Cease and Begin: Ctrl+Alt+Del Your Thinking

Cease: Obsessing about creating awareness.

Begin: Being more aware.


Cease: Trying to be more interesting.

Begin: Start being interested.


Cease: Getting more attention.

Begin: Paying more attention.


Cease: Making people want things.

Begin: Making things people want.


Cease: Analysing big data.

Begin: What people represent.


Cease: Complaining.

Begin Contributing.

The Humble Button: Invention And Progress
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The Humble Button: Invention And Progress

The earliest known button was discovered about 5 thousand years ago. It was made of a curved shell. At first, it was used more as an ornament than as a fastening. Fast forward 3 thousand years with the invention of the buttonhole buttons became functional.

It took civilization 2 thousand years to reimagine what the button could do. And from that moment the fabric of our society and fashion made a quantum leap.

The invention of the buttonhole provided us with the following

  • A steady way of securing our clothes. Instead of having to drape ourselves in layers of cloth.
  • Wear more fitted apparels that used less fabric.
  • Garments could be designed to subtly reveal and to cover our bodies.

The result: We are able to move freely and more easily because our clothing stayed put. That newfound ability likely created a chain reaction for both creativity and productivity.

The lesson: Ask a better question about what it was designed for, to see what it could be for.

To make progress is to take a small step into the unknown, towards the foreign territory of the never been done before.

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Don’t Take Shortcuts

An individual with a business, trying to make a living and maybe hit a sales target to hit, took the time to fill in the contact form on our website and proceeded to send us the following.


Are you in online marketing, do you own a business or businesses?

I was just browsing your website.

Do you want real traffic to your website or boost SEO for social media marketing?

-Visitors Come From Facebook and Twitter

-Real Traffic Will Come From the UK and USA 24/7

-This Is Lifetime Traffic

==For your reference, you can see our portfolio here== [hyperlink removed]

Behind this mail are business objectives, ideas and dreams that have limited chance of being accomplished because the sender chose to take a shortcut.

You’ve probably heard Sheryl Sandberg’s sensible advice to entrepreneurs; ‘Done is better than perfect’. We think we need to justify those words: Done properly is better than perfect.

If you did not spend the time to lay the groundwork which enables you to tell the right story to the right person, then that’s a missed opportunity. Your work is worthy of the energy it takes to go the distance.

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Tactics VS Strategy
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What’s The Difference Between Tactics and Strategy?

During a Q&A session at Nedbank’s Franchise Seminar, I was asked: “ What’s the difference between tactics and strategy?”.  

There’s often a blurred line between tactics and strategy.  As a business owner, it is worth your while to figure out the distinction. A strategy can save you when tactics flop. If a tactic flops, you should consider deserting it.

It does not mean that there’s something wrong with your strategy. Your strategy is what you keep doing even after you changed the tactic.

Here’s an example: A financial advisor could decide that his goal is to get more clients.

  1. His strategy is to achieve that by becoming the most reliable person in the area.
  2. There are more than 10 tactics he can use to earn that trust. He can organise events, sponsor school teams, be transparent about his commission percentage, hire student interns at a fair pay, run seminars at his office, the list goes on.
  3. It doesn’t matter if 1 or 2 or 7 of the tactics aren’t winning plays. They all add up.

But if once, just once, he breaks someone’s trust and expectations, the entire strategy goes to trash.

Tactics are replaceable. The strategy is for the long term.

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AI in marketing: From information to intelligence to imagination

The good news is there’s no need to panic. … The work marketers do today is becoming more significant, not less. Progression is insurance against elimination.

With digital marketing moving toward AI-powered experiences, there’s a lot of uncertainty about the future, so what’s next for marketing professionals?

In short: Fear not.

We believe the movement toward AI will only create more demand for the work marketers do to build relevant, invaluable brands.3 decades ago marketers were information workers, then machines beat us at processing. For the past decade, we’ve readjusted to become intelligence workers. Now we need to adapt again. And in this new era of assistance, we believe we’re called to be imagination workers.

At the core of achieving as an imagination worker today is cultivating a deep devotion to helping people guide their daily lives and tasks.

Our advice is aim at setting a new par of imagination and creativity to how you serve. Stay focused on the end user. Take a leap of faith. Challenge the status quo. And you’ll not only evolve with the new world—you’ll thrive in it.

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Marketing To Misunderstood Millennials

Simon Sinek, well know speaker of “Start with why” almost broke the Internet with the interview ‘The Millennial Question’.

He made valuable observations by stating the urgency to bridge the gap for millennials(anyone born after 1982). He states that a combination of parenting shortcomings and social media-fuelled instant gratification has created a generation that is unable to put in the hard work to achieve their dreams.

I believe like any generation they have dreams, huge ones, they’re constantly celebrated for their savviness and promised the world.  As a marketer, how do we gain the trust of this much-misunderstood generation?

  1.     Keep it Nonchalant

  • Commitment is not the key. They can rent it instead.
  • Don’t make their experiences feel rigid. Put their needs first, approach gently and win their consideration first. Produce content that educates, adds value and shareable moments.
  • Make them look crafty and you might just get a commitment in the future.
  1.     Keep it Personal

  • They are familiar with hyper-personalised marketing (Micro Moments) to the point that they filter out anything else.
  • Before making a decision, there is a very good chance that they consult digital information platform for a trusted opinion. Reviews, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.
  • Gather this data to craft personalised content that answers their questions and they’ll thank you for it.
  1.     Are You a Good Business or an Amazing One?

  • Let them know you are making a difference. If you unify in their belief they can help right the wrongs done by the previous generation, they’re more likely to buy into a company if it’s doing some good.
  • Embrace this need and find a digital collaborator, they can build and share your story. Learn to adapt.
  1.     Be Authentic

  • Be sincere, communicate to your audience level, whatever that might look like. When you get it right, their brand advocates will turn their friends into brand advocates too.
  • Engage with them in an authentic way to build true Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

We shop with our eyes, make it beautiful, or please don’t bother. Push the boundaries and make your content smarter, quirkier than you think is ‘safe’ and chances are they’ll admire it.

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How To Build Your Brand With 140 Characters

Perception is the reality, and often the truth is an illusion.  We most certainly don’t know the whole truth about the products we buy, review and use. Marketing is storytelling, not all marketers are liars, they are bad storytellers.

“What is the one thing I want my clients to know?” This should be the question you pitch to a potential client.

In order to communicate your USP (Unique Selling Point) more effectively, compose a Tweet-friendly headline into your pitch. A good example is Entrepreneur Magazine’s “Advice on Entrepreneurship for Starting and Growing a Business.” An early investor in Google who said the Google guys—Sergey Brin and Larry Page—were able to explain their new service to investors in one sentence: Google allows you to access the world’s information in one click. Read the original story here

The majority of SMEs neglect their company’s story and how it comes across, practice these 4 step exercise below until you are confident it embodies your company and product.

1. What do you do?

2. What difficulty do you solve?

3. How is your offering or service different?

4. Why should your clients care?

Try answer each of the following 4 questions by using this Twitter exercise. If you can’t describe your product in a sentence, go back to the drawing board. It’s vital to not let your idea die because you’ve lost the attention of your audience. Capture your audience in the first 60 seconds and they’ll want to hear more.

Next time tell the story of your product and build it into your pitch. The creative may be part of it, the message may be part of it, essentially, your product and your service and your team are all part of the story. Tell it with meaning, as one thing that we do know and often talk about is our story.

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In the beginning … there was an idea. How to create a successful digital strategy in 3 steps

Is your silver bullet packing the punch your business needs? Marketing your business in a digital world means more than ‘instant gratification’. Is your business’ digital marketing strategy able to deliver to this market?

  • The consumer: Impatient, demanding, and constantly on the go. According to IAB SA Interactive Advertising Bureau of South Africa in February 2017 66.2% of Unique Browsers come from mobile. How does this affect your business? In short, it means that in the digital era, there is a demand for you to market your company’s services or products to potential clients.
  • The direction: any effort you make will be fruitless. To standout in the Digital first world, you need a plan an effective digital strategy to ensure your efforts & time make maximum impact.

Digital Candy Consulting compiled 3 tips to digital empowerment.

Define your Golden Circle

What’s the ‘Golden Circle’, you say? It’s the starting point of any sound digital strategy, the Golden Circle is a way of looking at why your company exists. Watch the originator, Simon Sinek talk on TED Viewed 31,214,480 as of 22 March 2017

When we ask businesses this question, the default is to think about what (Product) they offer; instead, you should start with why.

Think why your business began in the first place. What was the starting point; what was the vision? By addressing this starting point, you’ll be able to tell a brand story that strikes a chord with your audience.

To effectively use the Golden Circle methodology, you should focus on these 3 points in the following order:

  1. Why: Why does the business exist?
  2. How: How will this help your clients, and how will you achieve your why?
  3. What: what are you actually offering (Product) to your target clients?

Once you have distinct answers of the above and carefully crafted your brand message, you’ll be able to think about exactly who you want to share it with.

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