Why You Should Choose Your Customers?

Why You Should Choose Your Customers?

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Marketing tactics often centre around finding customers for our products. We devote as much (sometimes more) time to generating enthusiasm for what we make, sell or serve as we do to making, selling and serving. It’s important to tell a story that resonates with the right customer. We do that by being clear about the worldview of the customer we want to attract.

Choosing Your Customers:

  • Allows you to be clear about the value you create.
  • Gives you the opportunity to excel at serving the right people.
  • Improves your marketing, sales and customer experience.
  • Means you spend less time convincing customers and more time fulfilling their needs.
  • Makes you more innovative because you see opportunities the generalist misses.
  • Empowers you to build customer intimacy and loyalty.
  • Helps you to become an expert in your field.
  • Enables you to do your best work.

It’s as important to know who you’re not for as it is to understand the clients you would walk over hot coals to serve.

Originally posted on The Story of Telling

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